Tuesday, July 11, 2006

3rd semester - 27 week pregnancy

Today, I enter my 3rd semester and the 27 week pregnancy.

My Baby's Development (according to verybestbaby.com) This week marks the beginning of the third trimester — and a big developmental change as Baby's fused eyelids finally open. The lids have been closed since early pregnancy to protect the developing retina at the back of the eye. The retina develops its normal layers during this week. Although Baby may not have grown much taller, she now weighs more than two pounds (907 grams). Right now, your baby looks like she will at birth, just a little thinner and smaller. Other developmental changes include:

  • Lungs, liver and immune system are still developing.
  • As hearing continues to develop, some scientists suggest Baby may start to recognize your voice, although sounds may be muffled because waxy coating still covers the ears.
  • Response to sound will become more pronounced as the development of the auditory nerve is completed.
  • Baby's brain continues to grow and develop rapidly.


LienOtt said...

Ass.wr.wb. Lisa sayang, maaf banget ye, ternyata diriku telat skale mendengar brita super bahagia ini. Slamet ya say, semoga semuanya lancar dan sehat sampe waktunya. Tenengnya euy, nambah terus neh keponakan, hehehe...
Insya Allah, aku muncul di paris tgl 14juli ini. Pengen liat kembang api. Kira², the baby boleh ikutan liat ga??? Keep in touch ya... Gros bisous

fisty said...

hi...selamet buat kehamilannya..bentar lagi kok, cepet!
semoga semuanya lancar-lancar ajah ya..

salam kenal