Saturday, July 15, 2006

A misadventure on the 14th of july's fireworks

Watching the fireworks from my balcony - Feux d'artifices depuis notre balcon

When you have the priviledge to have a balcony that allows you to watch the 14th of july's fireworks with a nice spot and a cold drink, would you go to other place? Would you prefer beeing sweaty, packed in the middle of millions of people, watching quite far from the spot and having difficulties in public transport, and those for a better spectacle?

Would you trade this

for this?

Fireworks at Eiffel tower - Feux d'artifices à la tour Eiffel

Ok, the fireworks in Eiffel tower are not comparable to the ones at my parisian suburb town, but would you watch them at any price ?

I would! And that's what I did. But the adventure turned into nightmare. We left at 10pm and I supposed to meet a friend from North of France in Trocadéro. Arriving in Trocadéro it was already too late, the square was already filled with millions of people. We couldn't even see the Eiffel tower. After staying 5 minutes there, we decided to leave rigtht away, before the ocean of people did the same thing as we, heading to the subway. But it was too late, the station is blocked with people trying to go out and the others like us who tried to get to the platform. We were trapped, could neither go any further nor step back. I must admit I had the most fear moment in my life. Me, being more than 6 months pregnant and trapped in the middle of the crowd. I really regret the idea at the first place. My husband actually didn't agree neither but he didn't want to oppose me, a pregnant woman with a mountain of hormones.

We finally managed to go to the platform but the subways didn't make any stop. They decided to close the station for a moment to avoid people get off at Trocadéro. So we waited, waited for some time until the station was reopened.

The misadventure was not over yet, inside the train, we were packed like in a sardine can. I was affraid that someone would press my belly. I really hated myself. How could I put my little baby in danger just to watch the silly fireworks. Bad mother, the baby is not even born yet but I have become a bad mother. Forgive your silly mom my little baby.

Arriving at home at 1 am, exhausted, terrified and sweaty.... It was a waste of 3 hours of my time.

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LienOtt said...

We've got misadveture also. Salah tempat bow... Kirain kembang apinya bakal nyampe ke atas, ternyata tidak... Hiks... nunggu taon depan d!