Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend summary, baby furniture hunting

8.30 went to my pre-natal swimming class
12.00 meeting with mbak Tasih in Paris 9th
15.30 Start the babies stuffs hunting:
We went to Babies "R" us, not much things to see. Disappointed, there are more to see in their internet site then the store!
Then we went to Autour de bébé, the model of the cot bed and dresser/changer that we are interested in was not on display stand. A bit confused, we decided to go to Sauvel and order the model anyway. To be honest, I was not so keen on the choice but we have to order the furniture if we want to have them on time (the factory will be closed in August).
It was 45' before the store closing, we took a last tour and there, we spotted a new collection (or maybe we omitted seeing it the last time we went there), very nice and elegant, Théo des Collines. We both agreed right away with the dresser/changer. Then for the cot bed we took Mathy by bols collection with Théo’s accessories to match the two of them. I felt relief and quite happy with the choice. I think Rg was too. And we ordered right away, along with the mattress. One task less from our baby check list!

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