Friday, March 26, 2010

Chaperoning Célia's class

Wow, it's not an easy peasy job to chaperone a bunch of 3-4 years old kids! But it was so much fun. My job was to make sure that the kids were lining 2 by 2 when leaving the school to the bus and getting out of the bus and heading to the theatre. I also had to make sure that the kids stayed put during the show.
This is my second time to help chaperone my daughter's class to a local "theatre" for a spectacle. The first time was the visit to the town's library, just next to this theatre. It was a black light puppet show. The show itself was interesting and funny, the kids just couldn't stop shouting and laughing. Check out their video. Too bad that the show was a bit too long for the their age, some kids couldn't stay still and kept asking when it would over. Fun fun fun, can't wait for another chaperone job.

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Yanti Wyant said...

hehhe jd inget waktu anak2ku kecil...suka jd chaperon...cape tp seneng :)

Lisa said...

bener mbak Y, seru yah