Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dating with husband

During this one week, we have taken advantage to the max of "our-time". We went to the movie, dine out every night, strolling down the paris streets. It was really fun but we couldn't help asking what would Célia's doing at this hour. We called her every night and had the update of the day. She's doing just fine with grand-ma and pa. Good. Ok, here are the photos of our restaurant rally:
dine out
1. Husband's cheese nan + food
2. My thali
3. Our amuse bouche (appetizer) at the french restaurant Je thé... me
4. Their menu
5. Japanese set table at japanese restaurant Azabu
6. Their appetizer menu
7. My appetizer, sauté of lotus with cheese and fish flower (the one that floats)
8. My main course, fish dish
9. Husband's crab leg
10. The chef, oh by the way we sat just in front of the chef
11. Husband's dessert, green tea ice cream
12. Traditional authentic french bistrot, Chartier
13. My appetizer, escargot
14. Husband's main course, Calf's head ewww
15. The queue in front of Chartier's as we left the restaurant



lesca said...

gw juga selalu gitu liz...
tiap ada kesempatan pengennya berduaan aja, tapi selaluuuu... aja kepikiran anak2...

Lisa said...

Feeling guilty melulu jadi ibu ya Les