Wednesday, April 28, 2010


for Dharma Wanita Persatuan. Yesss, I am proud to be a member of DWP Paris. I joined the group like less than 2 years ago. I was still working at that time but didn't work on wednesday, so no need to take a day off to come to the monthly meeting. The reason why I become a member at first, is really for the delicious lunch (makan enak cheap cheap :-)). I always take Célia with me and I let her play with her friend Maissa. After few meetings, I realized that they have good programs and being an official organization (chaired by the wife of the ambassador) reminds us to be a respectful member (jaim gitu loh)
When I moved to France, I had very little indonesian friends. The first year, I mostly mingled with students and I was actively involved in the student association. After I finished my uni, I was immediately employed by my former company, thus I had not much time to socialize. My indo friends are from my balinese dance class, but most of them are french!
Since Célia is born, I have the urge to introduce my culture and my language (I try hard) and I found the solution by socializing with indonesians: going to the embassy (eat at the cantine and just make friends), member of DWP, member of Indo mixed couple association. I met a lot of friends, but after a while now, I started to sort them out (sorry!). I do want the make friends with a lot of people but I don't want the husstle that goes with it. I am quite happy now with some new friends (while I'm patiently waiting for my best friend to come back to Paris). Cheers to my new friends.

Traditional fresh drink demonstration (sarang sari syrup mmmhhh reminds me of childhood)

girls only
Picnic at Champs de Mars park with kids after the meeting.
Pic top right: I don't know why Célia and her friend are posing like bus assistants (kondektur)
Did you notice my batik dress ? :-)


lescaboma said...

kalau jaman pak harto dulu, dharma wanita di indonesia pake seragam pink kecoklatan gitu...
inget ga liz?
btw, your batik dress is soooo cantik!!

Lisa said...

pengurusnya yg punya seragam pink gitu Les.
Thanks, mama ary yg milihin batiknya