Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tristan's bday

tristan bday
Happy 5th birthday Tristan! They're making a dressed up party and my Célia is transformed into a lil bumble bee. I was so surprised she was willingly wearing the costume as usually she never wears anything but princess dresses.
What do you think of my cute lil bumble bee ?
bumble bee


TrueMom said...

so cute little ceya bee princess.., punya berapa costume niiih..maman ga repot nyimpennya???

lescaboma said...

very cute!
did you make the costume liz?

Lisa said...

True mom, cukup banyak juga... ada yg propose bikin penyewaan kostum hahaha
Lesca, I wish I could, beli mesin jahitnya dulu kali ya