Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy Saturday

spectacle école celia 
 Can you spot my baby lion ?

Started with the school performance in the morning. The theme is circus. Célia and her class play animal circus. The first group plays horse troop. Célia and the second group play lion troop. They are just so cuuuute. I was really overwhelmed with emotions: happy, entertained, proud... They've been rehearsing secretly at school. The secret is being well kept. The other classes perform magic number, gymnastic and clown. Bravo!

After lunch and a quick nap, she is ready to rock at Sarah's (her BFF at daycare) birthday. She's having an organized birthday party. All must come in costume. While the kids are having their private party (no adults allowed except the fairy lady, the organisator), the parents are having some refreshment at a near café. 

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Dhita said...

Serunya.... anak2 disana banyak kegiatan. Moga2 waktu Bri sekolah nanti dia dapet banyak kegiatan juga. Nggak ngerti kurikulum disini spt apa....