Sunday, July 04, 2010

School art projects

school's art
At the last day of school, Célia's teachers handed to me all of Célia's art projects. They are normally hang all over the wall of the class. The walls are now white with no decoration, they are ready for the new member of the class' creations.
As for me, I haven't found any solution how to preserve those art works. I would like to hang some in Célia's room and keep most of them in a box.... but I think I will need a big box :-)


Dhita said...

Berbakat banget Celia, aku suka lukisan yang pohon itu. Cantik2 hasil karyanya.

TrueMom said...

emang kayak Maman lho Celia.. :-)

Lis, disimpen apa dipajang itu Art n Craft nya?

Anonymous said...

I like that you

think. Thank you for share very

Lisa said...

Thank you mom Bri. lukisannya pake teknik sponge
Nuke, itu dia... ngga bisa dipajang semua ngga cukup. even tempat utk nyimpennya pun belum ketemu. lagi nyari2 kotak yg besar ukuran A2 an. bingung mau disimpen semua ato ngga