Saturday, September 04, 2010

Célia's 4th birthday party #3

This time is with her kindergarden classmates. They were 9 children including Célia. We must say that it was quite a challenge to keep the children busy and enjoy the party.
party goers
party goers
I made a Barbie cake with simple decoration. It turned out to be a nice one *proud of myself* As for goodies bags and the crown, the kids love it. They were so cute.... *again proud of myself*
crazy for the barbie cake
kid crazy for the barbie cake - goodies bags

Husband had a brilliant idea to perform a puppet show. It is the only activity that keep the children stay put to watch the show. Bravo papa! They also enjoyed gift fishing. It was fun as they're motivated by the catch. Earlier, I tried to throw a decorating cake thingy (muffins and chocolate sticks) but they were not so enthusiastic. They didn't even like the muffins. The same thing for the barbie birthday cake, they were excited to see it but not to eat it. They prefer sweets.... oh kids!
Everybody were happy and Célia is in heaven, it is the most important thing.
And oh, more photos of the goodiebags:
Thanks goodiebuddy for making Célia's birthday a blast!


Anonymous said...

joyeaux anniversaire celiaaaa...
liz,itu goodie bagnya lucu,dpt drmana???


Lisa said...

Merci tante Juju. Di sini nih pesannya:

Sekalian gue tambah foto2 lagi deh, lucu2