Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The two minnies

Back to paris again. The three of us, we'll be spending almost 2 weeks until the school starts again. After 2 days of rest, this wednesday, we went to Disney. We went there after lunch and stay until 9PM (the parks open till 11PM on summer). We wanted to stay until the fireworks but we were so exhausted. Husband said if we were staying at Disney hotel, we could have taken a rest a lil bit then would go back to watch the firework. Yeah I'd love too but I can not accept to pay more than 600 euro/night just to stay in a hotel whatever the reason is :-).
There were so many people at that day that we still could ride the new attractions: nemo, toy story land... I don't want to queue for 90 minutes just to have a 2 minutes ride.
Disney is even more magical at night...
disney 08-2010

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