Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another friend's visit

Another friend is visiting Paris from Aix les Bains, Savoy. As usual the meeting point is koperasi at the Embassy. Good food as cheap as 6 euro/box. Look at these mouth watering food: Gudeg, pepes, mpek mepk, siomay and teh kotak of course. A lot of laugh and fun we had that afternoon.


Two days later, we decided to trace the trail of Da Vinci Code ... sort of. We started the day by sipping our café noisette & capuccinos at a café in île St. Louis (la classe!). Total damage: 18+ euro for 3 of us. Then we took some pics at the Point Zéro, where the distances between Paris and other French cities are measured. Notre dame is so beautiful in the morning where not much tourists around. Paris is so beautiful in the morning... Paris is so beautiful period. 
The second destination is the Carrousel du Louvre, to find the Inverted Pyramid, the supposed grave of Mary Magdalene.

da vince code

After a lunch break, we headed to St. Sulpice church (which became famous after the book reveals its "secret"). According the book, the Paris Meridian or the Rose Line runs through Saint-Sulpice church. We were not the only group that was hanging around the obelisk. It is very annoying to the church that they had to put a notice explaining the imaginary things that were said by Dan Brown in his book.
It ended our Da Vince code tour here.

Notice found inside St. Sulpice Church

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