Friday, October 01, 2010

Friends' visit

This week we had a friend with her two kids staying at our appartement for a few days. As they programmed to visit Disneyland, Célia and I were happy to come along with them. 
disney september
My friend's kids are bigger than Célia, so we decided to go separate way and just meet up for lunch. The photos above are not the usual Disneyland photos. I wanted to show you how Célia behaved when she's with her mom and when she's not. Look how happy she was (the three photos on the left)  and how miserable she was when her mom was around (the three photos on the right). I tried hard to sweet talk her.

The next day, after dropping Célia at school, the 4 of us visited Paris. We made silly photos around the Louvre. Ah oh, do not to trust other tourist to take a picture for you. See the two photos on the left. How on earth the guy who took the pictures, did not mind to have the full arch into the photos??? And this in not the first time!
Until now, I still don't understand.

friends fr bern

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