Monday, January 31, 2011

Celia and food

Aaah this is a never-ending subject. My 4 1/2 yo baby (yes, when it comes to eating, she's acting like a baby) eats like a bird. And most of the time I have to FEED her to make sure that she eats enough food, veggie, fruits and yoghurt! Especially milk, making her drinking her morning and night milk becomes a grueling job. Yes, we tried numerous things to stimulate her appetite but it seems that she wants to be a baby again lately.
Funny tho, from the photos above, she seems enjoying her meal.

From left, clockwise:
She's enjoying homemade noodle soup with mushroom, Morning orange juice... and her plush' having one too, she eats carrot and her plushtoy eats one too, She loves escargot!, She adores mussels, Her snack: fried shallots, Having her egg in the morning: half boiled egg, omelette or fried egg.

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