Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another birthday party, another birthday cake


Yes, this is the 3rd time I made a barbie cake for a birthday party and this will be the last one. I had enuf of trying to please others but at the end it always turn out a mess. The first time, my barbie cake was not turn out well: the cake was hard on top and the decoration was so so (I didn't have enuf fondant). I felt bad and kept apologizing to my friend (let say A) for the accident and that time was a trial.

The second time,  not only it turn out beautifully, it tasted delicious. I was so proud. But my friend (let say B) did a terrible mistake, she bragged about it in front of A which is also the invitée. I felt really bad. I did tell B that I didn't appreciate what she did to A. And again I had to apologize to A (for what, for making a beatiful cake this time). For your information all these cakes I did it for free. I like to bake a cake and I love when people complementing my cake (hihihi sick isn't it).

The third time, the one you see above, is the worst. Not that the cake is a fail, it is a beautiful and delicous cake. But because my friend (let say C) is claming in her FB (which I have access) that SHE made the cake. Well for being exact she's making allusions by using worlds "kita", "bikinan sendiri", "hasil kerja sendiri lhoo", "jadi kalau mau pesen sudah tau ya kemana". For God's sake this one is the best. I know that she wanted to make a business out of it but still... stealing other's property (or making other think that it was her creation) is really not ethical. Shame on you! Moreover, she pratically begged me to bake the cake for her daughter (unlike the previous two cases that I was the one who proposed to bake the cake as their daughter are célia's close friends). And I DID NOT charge anything! I even showed her the recipe and how to make the decoration. And putting lies on her FB account that I can access and read... is really really stupid. I didn't know about this FB incident until a friend of mine (B) told me a month later. I was really really pissed off. I did not confront C (unlike what I did to B) as I said to myself, hey what the heck, I will be carefull next time with this lady and I don't appreciate our friendship anymore (only hai hai friend lah). NO MORE BARBIE CAKE for others!

PS: C did make a business out of this barbie cake, she bought all the material and everything. The D day, she called me (in a panick) for advice because her cake was not high enuf to form the long dress. She had to make a normal round cake to support the barbie. Ha ha!


lesca boma said...

Tinggal jauh di negeri orang, rupanya bisa bikin sebagian orang kena gangguan otak ya liz :(

tapi, frankly saying, your barbie cakes semakin lama tampil semakin menawan ;-)
sayang ga bisa ikut ngicipin :-P

Lisa said...

amat sangat Les, and the sad part is that we have to hang out with them because we don't have much choice. 4L loe lagi loe lagi.
Thank you sayang for the compliment.... coming from a guru makes me happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Lis, we both always value friendship really high but unbelievably there're always stupid people who just can't understand that simple as that I just decided to say goodbye!! Its not even worthy and suck up our energy..

Anyway would u mind helping me with the barbie cake ha...ha..ha..


Lisa said...

Aaah I guess you can feel me yah.
No pb for the barbie cake recipe.