Monday, April 25, 2011

It's in Bali... It's in Belgium... It's in Pairi Daiza

With several members of my "Kechak" group, representing Paris/France, we went to Pairi Daiza park to celebrate Saraswati ceremony. There is an Indonesian theme garden inside the park, which is the largest one in Europe. And within the garden, raised a complex of balinese temple where the ceremony took place. Several hundreds participants were coming from the neighbouring countries. I couldn't believe that I was in Europe, no way that this could be in Belgium! Look at those beatiful balinese costumes, flowers, offerings.... hear the gamelan. I'm so proud to be there. I had the opportunity to perform a Rejang dance, with several dancers from other countries, à l'improviste.

saraswati @pairi daiza
pairi daiza
After the ceremony we were exploring the rest of the park. Célia was so excited with the giraffes and the elephants. She also enjoyed playing with the animals in the farm.
Great day, great weather!
pairi daiza

After the visit, we stayed at a hotel near the park. The next day, we were heading Brugge, a Venice from North they say. It's true Brugge is a beautiful city surrounded by canals. Célia enjoyed the boat ride along the canals and the carriage ride in the city. We were really really lucky with the weather. We had a long weekend full of excitement. Hopefully we will be returning back to the park and the city next time.



bebe said...

Hallo mba.. salam kenal..
Aku lagi blogwalking aja, tiba2 nyampe sini deh..

Btw, ternyata ada ya taman yang bali banget gitu suasananya.. Jadi pingin kesana, kebetulan aku tinggal di Swedia, jadi ga terlalu jauh deh.. ^__^

oh iya.. fotonya bagus2.. suka deh liatnya.. apalagi yang di US..

Lisa said...

Hai bébé, salam kenal juga.
Iya aku juga baru tau tahun lalu kalo ada taman di situ. promosinya kurang ya.