Sunday, November 13, 2011

First sleepover

Célia is having a friend sleepover for the first time. She's soooo excited. Her name is Lili, she is such an adorable kid. They have 1 year diffrerent.
Lili is very kind, independent and reasonable. This is a good example for Célia :-). The funny thing was at bed time. Usually, papa R is reading a story then stays in her room until she sleeps (this could be quick or soooo effin long). This time, after reading the story to the girls, papa R left the room. They said good nite. Lili turned her back, held her plush bear tightly and tried to sleep. Célia in the mean time, was still wide awake, she turned left right... different positions but still couldn't get asleep. she looked for us and invented things: thirsty, pee, finger sting etc etc. We let her cope with them and said she must return to bed as Lili is already asleep. Finally after +/- 1 hour of struggling, she felt asleep.

In the morning they woke up together around 7 AM. Good girl, Célia didn't wake up at night as she usually does. After "princess" breakfast, they played together all sort of play. In the afternoon, we went to a parc to meet with Lili's parents and brother. We spent the afternoon at the parc, then headed home.
Looking forward to having you again at our home Lili!

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