Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old & New

As for Old team and New job. Yes, I started a new job very recently at my previoud office. Funny how life turned huh ? I enjoy so far my new activity as I knew very well the job and the company. One thing that bugs me a lil bit is that the fact that I am a consultant instead of employees and my new collegues (consultants) are mostly fresh graduates! Being a consultant here in FR is different from the one I used to know when I worked back in Jakarta. Well it's a long story I don't feel like to elaborate it now. My new collegues consultants are sooo effin' young... I feel like an alien. I try hard to socialize tho (you know who I am). As I speak now after 1 and half month, I managed to get along with few people.
This week has been a sunny week, we decided to go on picnic altogether the employees and the consultants. The result is abundance of food and photos! Oh by the way, do you know how many nationalities represented in the whole team ? Let's see, Chinese, Indonesian (me myself and I), Thai, Morrocan, Algerian, Tunisian, Lebanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Venezuelian, African (there are 3 of them but could figure out their nationalities), Créole... at least 16 nationalities. What a multi-cultural environment.

My united colors of benetton team
Escaping the paparazzi

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