Friday, July 28, 2006

Internet shopping addict

I'm not a kinda shopping addict person. I hate crowded shopping centers or boutiques. I do shop but it's limited to things that I really really need, the quality, then comes the price. One thing that I really addict and suits me is the online shopping. You spot, you buy, no crowd, no need to queue. I know there are lots of frauds about it but I can't help it. I loooove shopping in this virtual world. I remember when it was started. I guess it was my ex-collegue who has a collection of DVDs who introduced me with this site. Since then I started building my DVD collection as well. Then comes the books, clothings, ticket reservations (most of our holiday and airline tickets were bought by internet).
And now, it's almost everything. And when I shop, I don't pay attention of what I bought (it's paradoxical isn't it) and I'm kinda possessed by this power of a consumer world. Help!!

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fisty said...

for Convenient purpose- shooping online is da best- KOISK free