Monday, July 31, 2006

Preparing our baby's room

We received the cot bed and the baby changer that we ordered early this month. Rg is so excited that he spent pratically the whole weekend for mounting them. And he finally did the final adjustment by today after work. Here are some photos with the different step and expressions :-) (désolée chéri, je ne pouvais pas t'aider...)
Saturday 14.42 starting the cot bed
45' later.... where this supposed to be fixed ???

Almost 2 hours later.... One to go
Starting the baby changer
Well it's a bit more complicated than the cot bed, that's all for today.
2nd day, after more than 2 hours work, the drawers still need to be fixed
Job finally well done.... contented expression of a future daddy
Bravo chéri!


gembala singa said...

i could feel the vibe of new parents to-be from here :-P

When is your due date beib??

Lisa said...

:-) See the pregnant ticker, oct 11

saski said...

C'est du beau travail Regis ! Tu veux pas me faxer la notice ?