Friday, January 05, 2007


Hello there, I hope that you all had an excellent end of year festivities. As for us, the new year didn't start nicely. What a heck, let's just talk about good thing and it is good food. Here you find a typically french diner on xmas or new year's eve, enjoy!
fresh oysters with cider vinagre sauce
smoked salmon and shrimps
Foie gras, (sorry if this could hurt somebody's sensitivity due to its production.... but it is sooo nice). One of french specialities in gastronomy, foie gras is the liver of a fattened goose.
Snails: before and after
In the mean time, Célia enjoys her cousins and the fresh air of the mountain. Unlike the previous years in this period, there was no snow yet.


Ira said...

aduh nyamannya Celia tidur dikelilingi sapi gitu hehehehe

ika said...

i only have 1 word for all those photos ... yummmmmiiiiee !!