Friday, March 14, 2008

New activity


I bought this Crayola's Mini Kids - First Create and Learn Collection that contains some crayons, pencils, markers, and some pots of dough. It is safely designed for kids so the product contains 'friendly for kids' materials. For the moment, I only let Célia play with papers and crayons. Luckily they are washable, because when I turned my back, she started to color things beside the papers that I gave her (table and doors). I'd better watch out next time! Ah oh Papa is an excellent drawer... look

papa dessine


Yanti Wyant said...

wah calon artis nih :)...serius banget keliatannya :)

siap2 aja tuh nyediain banyak kertas, anak2ku juga sejak kecil seneng banget ngegambar...waktu ngeprint abis heeheheheh :)

happy weekend :)

Sucre Maple said...

siap2 lis dicoret dindingnya, hehee.. itu baby einsteinnya ada bhs perancisnya ngak ? belinya di mana, lis ?

kiky said...

bisa anteng gitu ya.....:)

Dyah Peni Tunjung Sari said...

Have fun playing with colours sweetie! :P

elmo said...

nice drawing! ^^

>Lisa said...

@sucre maple, ada VF nya, beli di ebay