Monday, March 17, 2008

HRC is not dead

Wow... I've travelled the time back into the 18th century....

pont alexandre III retouché

Na, that's photoshop manipulation. One of my old Ericsson collegue, Ferry, visited Paris with his wife and their 9 month old son, so I put on my guide uniform for the saturday afternoon. He asked me to take them to HRC in Paris to buy some t-shirts. It's funny that this request comes quite often from my friends while visiting Paris. I thought that HRC is dead! I remembered when I was in Uni, I used to have a collection of HRC's T from all over the world. Well, I'm lucky enough to have a sis worked for an airline co. I also managed to go to HRC every time I'm travelling to a new destination. I guess I am wrong, HRC is not dead.

Tomorrow I have another visit from an old high school (and junior high) friend travelling from the US and guess what, she asked me how to get to HRC. Unlike the other "civilisations", the french are not fond of that sort of franchised café. They prefer to hang out in their bistro or traditional café where the owner succeed in preserving the authentic ambience and tradition.

"Monsieur, un café s'il vous plaît!"

pont alexandre III

the original photo hrc paris


lisa said...

sama aja ya Lis di mana2, kalo ada temen dateng yang ditanya: HRC dimana ? Anterin dong.. :)

Devi said...

Wah retouch fotonya keren!!

Hehe aku juga demen HRC, makanannya enak2, porsi&rasa worth the price.. meskipun ga bisa keseringan, bisa BANGKRUT boo' :D

mama icel said...

wah..jadi pengen kesana deh..

Nuke said... time if i visit... i dont think that i would ask you to take me to HRC to get the t-shirt for collection, hhhmmm.. maybe just ask you to buy me one..

counting as different request..right..

Dyah Peni Tunjung Sari said...

Hmm...bertahun2 di sini blom pernah ke HRCnya. Mapa masih ada ya? Denger2 juga udah dead, hehe
Segitu gak 'berasa' apa2nya HRC buat gue yaa. Dulu gak ke situ karena keuangan cekak...sekarang udah malesh (ditambah keuangan cekak juga kali yaaa) hahahaha

Mamahoney said...

woow kereeeen bgt fotonya Lisa! kapaaan ya bs jln2 ke paris :D

>Lisa said...

@Nuke, siiip ke!