Monday, December 21, 2009

Visit Daycare and playdate at Sarah's

First day of xmas holiday yay! It goes to my hubby too, cool. We supposed to go to Disneyland (again!) with Sarah's family. Due to the cold weather, we decided to meet up in the afternoon. We took the opportunity to visit Célia's old daycare since it's next to Sarah's.

In difficult morning when she's not so keen to go to school, she keeps asking to go back to her old daycare. I told her that she won't find her old friends anymore as they are now at kindergarden like her. She could see her "auxiliaires" (don't know the translation) tho.

So here she is back to her favorite daycare again. She's speechless.
After that we headed to Sarah. While the parents were chitchatting, as usual the two devils made a lot of noises and chaos when they're together. This time they're putting make-up to each other.
sarah et celia


Raquel Brenda said...

Lis, maksudnya Celia spechless karena ngga liat teman2nya gitu yaa?

Lisa said...

kayaknya dia speechless krn inget memori masa2 di crèche, masa2 indah waktu bayi :-)