Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby photo album

Blame it to the digital camera. Ever since I got my very first one ten years ago, I don't have pictures in a real paper anymore. All is on my hard disk. So I decided to order two album photos of Célia, one from birth to 1 year old and the other from 1 to 2 years old. It's not an easy job to pick just some from thousands of photos. But I'm very happy with the result.
photo album

I show to Célia the two albums. I can see that she did not remember all the faces that she has seen (especially my family back home) and all the places that she has been to. She also has a lot of questions about the photos when she's still in the hospital: why that funny bed, cables wired to her foot etc etc. I explained to her and assured her that she was not sick, all those things was to make sure that she'd be well monitored.
Oh well, it's true sometimes even for me it's too hard to see those photos again. That's life.


Yanti Wyant said...

rajin.... :)
iya tuh jaman digital...jd kilk sana sini..upload..kadang lupa deh :)

ke2nai said...

rajin juga y mbak di print :)

Lisa said...

Bener mbak Y, ever crosses your mind if the HD collaps?
Chi, buat kenang2an

Dhita said...

Wah samaaa, aku juga kepengen banget bikin album gini tapi belum sempet aja. Waktu ke Jakarta taun lalu udah survey liat di Adorama, tapi lumayan mahal :-(

Album punyamu keliatannya bagus ya kualitas printingnya. *ikutan seneng*

Lisa said...

thank you Dhita, buruan bikin :-)
masih ngutang 2 album lagi: album liburan dan 3 tahun Célia