Monday, April 05, 2010

Egg hunting at Jules'

egg hunting @Jules 

It's the first time for Célia's doing this easter's egg hunting tradition. It's so much fun, she's just running all around following Jules who's the biggest one and smarter then the lil girls to find the hidden eggs. She ended up with lots of yummy chocolate eggs. Check out the video.
Ah oh, the bunny basket that we made yersterday could not hold many eggs so Célia had to take a bucket instead ... huuu so much for my crafty skills :-(


Raquel Brenda said...

Yay!!! Celia dapat telur coklat banyak ya...?? hebat!!!
wah taun depan telurnya Vanya juga diganti yg coklat deh biar anak2 lbh semangat huntingnya... :)

Lisa said...

Yuk, bikin egg hunting bareng2. Seruuu