Wednesday, April 07, 2010

At the library

Di perpus

We went to the local library this morning and got Célia her very own library card! How come I never took her there before???? I discovered the place when chaperoning her class last month. It's a nice, cozy and modern library for a small town like ours. There are collections of books, magazines, CD, DVD for any age. Many computers with internet connection are available, even for younger age with educational games and cute lil chairs suitable their size. There is also a theater for story telling at certain days and hours.
Membership is free and we can borrow books at any libraries in the region (neighbouring towns). To borrow books and stuffs, you just need to scan them in a machine and that's it. The same way when you return them. I wonder how it has become the old library that my sis used to take me, back in jakarta, perpustakaan ... can't remember the name. I just know it's an old one in jakarta pusat or something ? anyone can shed some light for me?

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