Saturday, May 22, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle.... I want to ride my bike

Yay, Célia's got her very first bicycle. It's a 14 inch bike as she measures almost 100cm. I wanted to buy straight to 16 inch one but her feet couldn't touch the ground. I tried to persuade her but she's almost backed out and insisted to have her Ticha (for petit chat = little cat) - the bicycle's reference. It's so cute the horn is in a form of a cat's head.
biking in apt
The weather in early may was not so friendly that she's biking inside the appartement
Outdoor biking is better isn't it Célia ? 
my new bicycle


TrueMom said...

waduh asyiiik banget biking di sono..., di tebet sih cuma dr gang satu ke gang yang lumayan juga sih Lis. Loe naik sepeda juga?

btw kemaren luzy buzz gw.. :-( sedih deh, eh Ninu di jakarta lagi udah? minta hape dia dong ato rumah...

Lisa said...

Bawa ke jalur hijau dong Ke
Célia belum gape banget main sepedanya jadi utk sementara gue ngga naik sepeda dulu *alesan*

kiky said...

pengen juga di tanggerang ada sungai yang pinggirannya bisa main sepeda...
love the pics!