Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One hell lucky b4st4rd

Yes, ME! pardon for the language but I am so verrrry happpy. I just got a new job at a major french mobile operator, a dream job. After a long period of paid (thanks to French social protection AND my taxes) break, numerous traning sessions, 4 interviews and BANG! I got it. I didn't even apply for the job, it's my ex colleague who forwarded my resume to the recruiting manager.
I met him, I was not even aware of the job description (I trusted my colleague who knows my profile well enough). The interview went very well, immediately we got connected. I'm even happier to know that he, as the manager that I will work everyday, is quite a cool (and handsome sssst) guy. And oh, I will start next week.

My future office building
If you look at your right, you'll have this view, with the eiffel tower at the far end ? 
One of my *boring* training sessions


kiky said...

you're one smart woman i know..u deserve it lah...bukan "lucky"
selamat bekarya!

Sitha said...

Good luck for your new job, Liz!

Lisa said...

Thanks Ky, actually what I meant lucky is that I haven't really started my job search *still enjoying my time with Célia* This is the first company.
Merci Sitha, I need all the luck I can get :-)

Anonymous said...

congratulation Lizzz... :)

lescaboma said...

sekali selamat ya liz....
i am so-very-much happy for you.
hebaaatttt deh pokoknya!!!!

good luck ya!

ary said...

selamet lis ........ pokoke ditunggu traktirannya di Paris ya ? hahaha

Lisa said...

Thanks girls, traktirannya di jakarta ya, di restonya Lesca

Anonymous said...

Congrats Liz, wiiiii enaknya bisa balik ke corporate world. A dream job pula ya. Enjoy your new stat as a working mom :D

Mommy Bri