Friday, June 18, 2010

End of School year festivities

In french, it is called kermesse which is usually held in the month of June. At Célia's kindergarden, it is held on friday june 18, after the school hour. There are a lot of fun activities. Célia got her face painted... tigresse, it really fits her. Husband participates in the goodies fishing stand.
In France, festivity means BBQ of sausages, chipolatas (both porc), merguez (spicy lamb and beef sausages) and the smoke that goes with it (oh no my hair). It's not really my kind of BBQ and there is such a long queue. We finally go for a sandwich and lots of home made cakes. Yumm. Oh I wish my indonesian friends had a food stand here. With 6 euro you will have a complet and appetizing food.
Look how smokey it is. That's a photo of my previous co. BBQ.

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