Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm not a b4st4rd

Yes, apparently I'm no b4st4rd. After a euphorique first month and a winding second month, my boss and I came to a decision to end our collaboration (in a polite manner of speaking). Yes he thinks that I am not fulfilling his high expectations the job requirements.
I have given all the best: working long hours, taking care of multiple subjects not to mention coping with some non cooperative co-workers. I "sacrificed" my family time, Célia had to stay at school until 6PM, went to centre de loisir (kind of playground) on wednesday. I think that I am capable of handling those tasks, but my boss doesn't have the same opinion. So while I am still at a probation periode, he has the possiblity to let me go. It felt like a slap on my face, as I never tought that this could happen to me. This is my second job in France. At my previous employer, I worked for 10 years!!! I never thought of probation period before.... well now all I can do is step back and at the same time move on.
It was a nice 3 months experience tho, I met new people (co workers and customers), dealt with new environements and method of work. It is still a valuable experience.

A bit about my daily work: it filled with  one customer meeting to another (including project meetings), once held in a nice yacht. At the same time, reports, follow up on projects. It was exciting alright.

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