Saturday, September 24, 2011

Célia's birthday parties

Yes, ties in parties. We organized two birthday parties, one for her kinder garden friends and the other one with her indonesian friends. Those are held in less than one week interval 18/9 and 24/9.

The kids seemed like they're having a lot of fun. We organized lots of activities: gift fishing (kid's favorite), jeweleries making, cards making, objects guessing, singing, games and the last one: the muppet show performed by my husband. The kiddos love it.
 Birthday party with class mates

Birthday party with indo friends

I was very relief when the parties are done tho. Till next year ?
Happy birthday ma Célia


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday celia! dari fotonya aja keliatan seru bday party-nya :)

Lisa said...

makasih tante, iya nih hrs puter2 otak utk cari kegiatan biar anak2 ngga bosen. Alhamdulillah semua anak2 seneng