Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Girls' day out

Gee been a while since we went to the movie just the two of us. Going to the cinema has become a luxury thing to us since we have our lil sweetheart. Let's see how much does it cost if we have to hire a babysitter:
  • babysit 3 hours x10 euro (if we pay it au black = illegal)
  • parking 7 euro
  • tickets 2 x 9.9
  • coffee 2 x 5.5 euro
  • cheesecake 2 x 10 euro

87.8 euro! No way, Jose! So I had my girl's day out sunday afternoon to watch this film. I ended up spending only 7 euro for the parking: I used my cinema tickets that I bought longtime ago and Val paid for my coffee :-) and no more cheesecakes left for us!

Nice film... makes us thinking... but I would love to have a better ending tho.

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