Friday, February 20, 2009

Our *hectic* daily routine

Isprired by tetangga sebelah to describe our daily routine. It is slightly different from what we did 2 years ago (I have an extra time in the morning:-), thanks hubby!)

6.00 hubby wakes up. He likes to take his time in the morning. Preparing our breakfast, listening to the news make his morning ritual.

between 7.15-7.30 hubby wakes us up or more precisely he forces us to wake up. I start by giving Célia her bottle. Yes, Célia insists that she has her bottle with mom so that she can touch my loulou (puser saya)

between 7.30-7.45 I take my breakfast while hubby start to change and dress Célia.

between 7.45-8.00 I dress up and help hubby with Célia (ex. brush her teeth, brush her hair, put her shoes and her coat)

between 8.00-8.20 Hubby takes Célia down to the garage, makes the car ready for me: engine on, Célia bucled on then wait patiently til I show up in front of the garage :-).

between 8.10-8.25 I drop off hubby on the intersection, he's got 5' walk to his office then I continue to Célia's daycare (-/+ 2kms)

between 8.25-8.50 I head to my office which is 35 kms away. When the traffic is clear I will arrive between 9.25-9.45, if not it will take more than 1 hour.

17.30 hubby heads to Célia's daycare by foot. It takes about 30 minutes walk and brings home Célia by stroller.

18.35 hubby + Célia arrive home, he may offer Célia some biscuits and let her play or watch DVD while he prepares our dinner.

between 18.50-19.20 I arrive home.

between 19.10-20.30 dinner

around 20.30 I give Célia mandi (every 2 days in winter)

around 20.45 susu time with me and my loulou

around 21.00 bed time with me again. I would sit by her bed while she's fighting to get some sleep. It could take 10 minutes as it could take 1 hour. Before, we take turn accompany her to bed but lately, she wants only me.

22.00 bed time for me while my hubby would stay more to watch TV. He ends up often sleeping in the couch before heading to bed late in the evening :-)

Everyday chores:
  • Laundry is my domaine, this means: nyuci, njemur, ngelipetin cucian, nyetrika for some (I don't iron sheets, bodysuits, tableclothes...). And I prefer to send my hubby's shirts (especially long sleeves) to laundry services. I also let my hubby put his clothes in his dressing.
  • My hubby takes care of the dishes: clean up the table, put the dirty dishes into the machine, put them into the cupboard when it's done but sometime he's too lazy to take care of the pans etc that don't fit to the machine. In this case, it becomes my job.
  • He will take out the trash, does the weekly errands as he said if I do, I would spend more time on doing all the alleys.
  • We both do the cooking, I do mostly on weekends.
  • We hire someone to do the cleaning once a week but still we need to put Célia's toys in order as she likes to make a mess :-)

It seems that our daily tasks are well defined but often I have to "bark" him when he does not execute what he's supposed to do. Funny thing tho, when I discuss about this with my friends, they always say that I am so lucky to have a husband that helps a lot at home. Well I guess I'm never satisfied with what I've got and I should thank him more often. I think that we should consider everyday chores as an exercise more than a burden, as we might find more fun to do so.

That's about it.


Anonymous said...

wa iya benet tuh,papanya celia byk partisipasinya, pake siapin sarapan sgala, klo kita disini yaa bangun barengan jam 7.45 gitu, kikiki..buru2 deh sarapannya


santi d said...

Your family's life is very well organized. Your husband's eagerness to share the house chores is definitely what a working mom needs. Bravo to both of you (eventhough the woman still needs to act like a watch dog, as always hehehhe)

Elo kantornya jauh amat yak, Lis ... capek banget itu commutenya tiap hari ya. said...

wah hubby baek ya Lis.. :) tapi emang kebayang deh kalo emak2 kerja ya mo gak mao ya ribet gitu. kudu sharing kerjaan di rumah.

btw, kantor lo jauh beneeer...

lesca said...

my God..., you are so lucky!
hubby gw bangun jam 6 dan nyiapin breakfast, wah.... kapan tauk deh.

btw, 35 km, jauh juga ya liz?
kayak dari bekasi ke kelapa gading. :-p

Anonymous said...

wahhh asyik Lis, hubby byk bantu yaaa.. klu kita sih kebanyakan kerjaan rumah gw yg nanganin, hbsnya jg kacihan si hubby dah capek2 kerja.. cuma klu weekend, dia ada bantuin gw jg.. =:)

ps : dah terima emailnya blm ? gw kirim dr yahoo aja..


eliza said...

tadi masuk gak ya komen gue? delete deh yg ini kalo yg pertama masuk.

kayaknya bagi2 tugasnya cukup adil tuh Liz :D apalagi kalo elo kerjanya full time gitu...enaknya pagi2 keluar rumah barengan semua ya...